One Missionary

Several years ago I was driving through NE Texas and SE Oklahoma and while I was driving through all the small towns I begin to notice all the churches.  All kinds of churches, all kinds of denominations, all kinds of structures.  I begin to ask myself this question…If we’ve got this many churches why are we not reaching more people?  

Then as I drove through the big cities I begin to see huge churches.  Elaborate buildings, lots of people, incredible programs for all ages.  Then I begin to ponder…Father are we doing this “church” thing right?  Something began to grow in my heart, an aching, a pondering.  Thinking about the countries that had no church or if the country was Christ void.  Japan is one such country.

Japan is one of the most needed places on earth that needs to hear about the saving grace of Jesus.  Japan is less than 1 percent evangelical.  1 church for very 25,000 people, 1 missionary for every 57,000.  

Japan has over 30,000 suicides a year.  

So, Why Japan?  Lostness.  A Calling.  A Vision.  A Need.  

King David stood outside the walls of Jerusalem and saw the Jebusites shouting from the walls, “Our lame and blind can keep you from taking this city!”  King David, saw the archers, heard the taunts and saw the unsurmountable task of taking back his beloved city.  He looked and told his soldiers….” Nevertheless!!!”  King David took back the city.

Why Japan?  Because the Father is telling us to go and so… Nevertheless we will go!