logoAs I look back over my life I can see each step in a way that leads to the next step. From education background, religious instruction, to strengthening my faith in other steps of faith. Becoming a believer at the age of 10 and following in baptism at the age of 16. Called to my first church at the age of 20. From each church I was allowed to serve, I learned. I’ve been to the university and seminary. I’ve attended numerous evangelism events and trainings, participated in discipleship programs and planned numerous mission endeavors. Recruiting Japanese students to come to the higher education places that I served, to living for a year in Japan. From my wife who speaks Japanese fluently to the the Japanese pastor that I meet with bi-monthly. God continues to prepare us for this mission.

Sometimes I don’t really understand how or why? Many times I just want to run or bury my head in the sand. The call to Japan doesn’t leave, it is a nagging sense of direction that I sense within my soul. I direction from scripture, the Holy Spirit and His Word. All teaching and training me for the day of departure.

To the reader, remember…its not just us on the mission field. It’s you too! Your prayers and financial support that you give us. Those things also prepare us and train us in a “red sea” event of reaching the lost of Japan.

Come and learn with us. Come and train with us. Prepare with us by training now.