While waiting to catch a bus, Ellen and I set down by a very sweet Japanese lady.  Ellen engaged her in conversation in order for us to present the gospel to her.  She told us where she was from, how she had lived in Ohio and Michigan. Her now deceased husband had worked in the automotive industry.

As she shared, there was something about her smile and joy that she possessed.  Before we had the opportunity to ask “how could we pray for you”  she smiled big at both of us and said with pride…”I am a Christian!”  Such confidence and conviction, she let us know, she was a Believer!  It was at that point that I realized, we’ve met 1 of the .58 percent evangelicals that live in Japan.

She invited us to church with her but that Sunday we were going to another fellowship.  When we return we plan on going to her church, sitting next to her and worshipping our Lord, who died for all of mankind.  What a tremendous blessing to meet such a rare gem in Japan.