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There is a legend in Japan that Jesus had a brother, Ishikiri, who died on the cross, not Jesus. Alternatively, instead of death on the cross, Jesus came back to Japan and lived out his life until 106.

Job Opportunities

NTLM is seeking several who may be called to help spread the gospel to Japan.

Nevertheless Missions 2022

I give my life to Christ.  My calling is no different than anyone reading, that professes to be a Christ Follower.

Meet Jared Wallace

Meet Nevertheless Missions new Director of Ministry Engagement, Jared C. Wallace.

2022-2027 Vision Plan

Read our 2022 - 2027 Vision Plan. See where we are now and the direction the NTLM ministry is moving toward.

2021 Christmas Message

As I marvel at the wonder of Jesus and the season I cannot help but get excited that it is the same God at work in the nation of Japan—making sure souls still know a savior was born.

We’ve Met the 1 Percent

While waiting to catch a bus, we realized we met one of the .58% of evangelicals that live in Japan.