It is hard to fathom that Ellen and I have been in Japan for 4 years.  Two of those years dealing with the COVID pandemic, like everyone else.  We’ve seen prices and food drastically increase.  We’ve learned a new term in Japan, ‘Shrinkeconomics’.  The price of food increases and size portions are shrunk. Even Mcdonald’s has a french fry shortage.  You can’t order a medium or large fry you have to order a small.  If you’re wondering…yes, you can order two or three small-size fries at the same time which would give you the same as medium or large orders. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

Lot of things in life don’t make sense.  At least to me.  We could go on for days on that topic alone.  I just want to zero in on one.  Salvation in Christ.  Jesus says that He is the way. the truth, and the life, and no one comes to the Father, except through Him.  Not what we can do that gets into eternity but what Jesus has already accomplished by the work on the cross.  That final moment where a man, who was as much God as he was man, died a brutal death for all humanity.  All humanities sin, before-during-after.  From start to finish, Jesus bore it all.  For that reason, I have the assurance and walk not in hope but in the faith of knowing that one day, I will pass from this current COVID-infested world into the most unimaginable paradise ever.  No small fries here, no shrinkeconomics….it’s a free all you can eat buffet!  Thanks to the Grace that Jesus gives us.

I close with this, because of that death, burial, and resurrection.  I give my life to Christ.  My calling is no different than anyone reading, that professes to be a Christ Follower.  Our calling is just that, a calling.  Missionary to Japan, Teacher in the school, Police Officer on a beat, CEO of a large company.  All callings to a field to share that we can order more than a small fry, we can order the jumbo size with free refills.  There will never be a shortage of our Lord’s grace and mercy.