Jared Wallace

Jared C. Wallace
Director of Ministry Engagement

I was blessed to grow up in a family that had generations of believers on each side.When I was 8 years old, I gave my life to Christ.

While in college, my faith grew thanks to the friendships I developed and the discipleship that I was exposed to through those relationships. I believe it was during this time in my life that I really started to learn more about God, His heart, and His plan for me (and all of us).

During this time in my life, as part of my growth, I learned more about how God’s heart for the nations is displayed from Genesis to Revelation. This led to a spark in my spirit that gave me a greater heart for the nations! I was able to travel to the western U.S., Asia, and Central America as part of short-term missions teams. I remember thinking that I would love to visit Japan again and spend more time there after a layover on my way to the Philippines. I thought at the time that any future travels to Japan would be for leisure, though, not for missions work.

Before too long, I found myself listening more to my desires than God’s desires. This began a time of wilderness wandering for me. Thankfully, during this time, there were still Godly people praying for me, loving me, and gently challenging me to live for God’s glory.

One of these people was Butch Booth, who had recently moved to serve the Lord in Japan. When Butch approached me about serving with Nevertheless Missions, my heart was stirred and softened by God. I began to think that maybe I could be useful to Him despite myself. The Lord has used many things to confirm this, and I feel like I am finally doing what He has designed me to do.

I feel like everything that I have gone through, from my wilderness wanderings, to my previous career in sales, to the trips I was able to take in the past, have been part of what God has used to prepare me to be used in this way. I am humbled, in awe, thankful, and excited to be working with Nevertheless Missions! My hope is that God will use me to help people engage with what He is doing to reach the people of Japan and beyond so that “from the rising of the sun (the place where the sun rises) to it’s setting (the place where the sun goes down), the name of the Lord will be praised!” (Psalm 113:3)

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