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Your support to allows us to take the Gospel message to Japan and beyond.

We are a 501C3 Nonprofit Organization. We have several ways you can help.

through the Broken Pillars Ministry portal below.

Send a check/postal money order/cashiers check:
Nevertheless Missions
PO Box 363
Stafford, Texas 77497
You may also support our ministry through your bank. Using your bank's online bill payment options, you may forward funds to the address below.
Nevertheless Missions 
PO Box 363 
Stafford TX, 77497

Immediate Needs

Many have asked how they can help and here is way that you can help us get up and running!  Here is a list of current needs too:
List of current Needs:
Railway Pass for the year - $500
Manga Messiah books - $1000
Naime, Japan Project - $1000
Naime was a small town in the Sendai area that was hit by the earthquake., tsunami and nuclear fallout in 2011.  Because of the radiation and damage they shut down many towns in that area and literally became ghost towns.  Naime was one of them.  Naime was reopened a year ago.  For some time we’ve been discussing traveling to Naime to take the gospel to a town that is trying to rebuild.  We would love for you to be part of the team or help defray costs.

Printer $300

Thank you,
Nevertheless Missions
Butch and Ellen Booth

The cost of living in Japan is one of the big reasons that we don't have missionaries in Japan.  Visit here to view the difference in prices between the U.S. and Japan.