Trusted Partners and Prayer Warriors,

As we approach December 25th this year, we celebrate a date that we know God began the fulfillment of his promise. We observe a birth that will mean there is new birth available for every soul under heaven. The continuation of a promise fulfilled. As I marvel at the wonder of Jesus and the season I cannot help but get excited that it is the same God at work in the nation of Japan—making sure souls still know a savior was born.

We strive to tell this story for the first time to so many, while in America it is a story we sometimes only recall because of countdowns and Christmas lights. As we move forward in advancing the story of Jesus and his gospel these are a few areas where God is establishing details for our mission and also creating new, exciting ways for us to share the gospel in Japan.

In 2017 Nevertheless Missions:

  • Established a network with current missionaries serving in similar areas of Japan.
  • Engaged in much seed planting, with harvest work left to do. We have seen one come to know Christ.
  • Zeroed in geographically on a location to start the next steps.

    What are the next steps for 2018?

  • We are working on a digital production about the story of Jesus that is similar to a “Manga” strip. Manga is comic literature that has been around Japan since the 19th century and is significantly known in Japanese art.
  • I am currently finishing my ESL certificate and will go further in depth enrolling in Japanese classes to further my own language acquisition.
  • We have secured 65 percent of our funding and are still walking in faith for the other 35 percent.

    As you reflect on what God has done for you personally in 2017, we ask you to consider sewing into our ministry as you round out of your year of blessing. Nevertheless Missions is a 501c3 and all contributions made are 100% tax deductible. We appreciate every dollar, and we appreciate every prayer. God is showing himself faithful, and we will journey in anticipation of the new births that will occur in hearts and lives in a place so far from the USA. Will you travel in faith with us?

    Merry Christmas!